A scholarly temperament loves footnotes—indices are even better. The following list reflects some of the travel writing I’ve done, over past years (for access to previously published work, please see articles posted on www.travellady.com) and represents many enduring passions. I admire all the artists who work with dedication to create such magical places. . . .
And, being a very eclectic list, it includes a few other enthusiasms as well.

Le Carre des Feuillants in Paris is my favorite restaurant du monde . . . . - www.carredesfeuillants.fr  
and then there is Sally Clarke’s, in London, along with her little shop, next door, filled with
homemade preserves and small, enticing packages of cookies. . . . www.sallyclarke.com 

I’ve already mentioned Steve and Simon (pure genius), in Manchester. . . . www.damsonrestaurant.co.uk

and if you happen to look at my travel articles, you will see that I am struck with profoundest admiration
for Jan Martens, at his ‘hostellerie’ and restaurant, in a nature preserve in Belgium—what a chef!

The scrumptious tarte tatin and the brilliant Norbert are photographs courtesy of Job Hulshoff. You can find his studio in Antwerp and also his very creative blog--a combination of photos and words at: www.jobsander.com

What I would probably read, while on the train down to Belgium, is
the latest, page-turning novel of Jane Anstey: The Bells of St Martin's 

while listening to the latest CD—her next is due to be released in January,
2012, and no one should miss it—of mezzo-soprano Patricia Hammond:

and doing another square of needlepoint from English designer,
Elizabeth Bradley:  www.elizabethbradley.com

But I’m always thrilled to come home to my favorite restaurants in Delft, which are the
Argentine restaurant Buenos Aires, unbelievably delicious, and the most wonderful spot to be in:   www.buenosaires-delft.nl 
And the two sister restaurants, Pelicaan and Rossio, both of them simply brilliant with vegetables—and if you can manage that, you are quite a team of chefs:   www.depelicaan.nl  www.rossio.nl 
And for very special occasions (i.e., as often as we can possibly make it), the enchanting French restaurant in Delft, Le Vieux Jean:   www.levieuxjean.nl 


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